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Virgin Media Television launches Autumn Schedule

Virgin Media Television rolled out the red carpet as they announced details of its New Season Schedule which promises to bring viewers the best of original programming; from prime entertainment, gripping Irish and international drama, real life Irish true-crime stories and docuseries, as well as the very best of all your favourite sport.

Bill Malone, Director of Content Virgin Media Television, said: “2022 has been a stand-out year for Virgin Media Television, delivering record streaming figures, record growth in younger viewers for Virgin Media Two and the launch of our second new television channel this year, Virgin Media Four. “Our new season schedule promises to continue this success with more Irish drama, more gripping documentaries, more Love Island, the Super Bowl live and a whole host of new series. “It is Irish voices and Irish stories which are to the fore in VMTV’s new season schedule. From major new Irish dramas like Graham Norton’s ‘Holding’, to gripping documentary series like ‘Until Death’ and ‘How To Buy A Home’ and the illuminating series that is ‘Lucy Investigates’. “This year, we have refocused Virgin Media Two as a channel for younger audiences and are seeing massive growth, with share of viewing for 15-34 year olds up +57% and for 25-44 year olds up +54% so far this year.


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